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I know the Lord is Always with me.

 Psalm 16:8

Ronni’s Story

My name is Ronni Hufnagel. My life has been altered forever after accepting Christ. Life has brought many challenges, which have been very hard, such as our home burning to the ground, two accidents, and trauma induced fibromyalgia that still has no cure. Despite the tragedies in my life, I rest assured in the peace and joy of Christ. I can look at the beautiful things He has given me, like being a wife and a mother to two amazing boys, which is the best job I have ever had. In the midst of my fibromyalgia pain, He has blessed me by revealing my gift of creativity. This is a gift I never have imagined I could possess because I have always been a farm girl. Animals have been my passion ever since I can remember, but God showed me He had a different plan for my life. As I began crafting, I found joy in the work I had accomplished and ached to share it. Crafting has taught me so much about myself, doing projects I never thought I could even attempt. I thank Jesus for what He has done for me and for His presence in my life. I know He will continue to reveal Himself to me even when I feel I cannot do something because He will give me strength.




fun facts

Married at 21
Mother of 2 boys (Zackery and Kole)
Youngest of 10 children (6 sisters and 3 brothers)
Was a Swimmer for 10 years
Lives on a farm and grew up on a small farm
Wanted to be a veterinarian when I was growing up, so I did next best thing and married one
Bottled fed multiple different species of animals (deer, sheep, wallaby, muntjac deer, horse, elk, kinkajou, and Alaskan Dall Sheep.)
I love each season in PA
Favorite flower is the sunflower
I absolutely LOVE our French bulldog “Ashtra”
Obsessed with Christmas
I love to watch War Movies and any movie based on a true story

Let us do Good to Everyone.
Galations 6:10

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